Monday, August 17, 2009

Might As Well Face It

I'm Addicted to Nupps :|


Queen Silvia in progress. It's merino silk from Skaska Designs. I cannot pass them by when I'm at the Fiber Festival. I just can't keep walking. I try, but it totally doesn't work.

I also completely frogged and restarted my Vivian. I had a mistake in this back seed stitch panel and it was making me insane. Now at least that part will be right!


Hey, I'm spinning too (and washing and I bought a bunch of stuff at an estate sale and fiber festival last week). Last week I finished this Finn top dyed in the Emerald City colorway from Zarzuela's Fibers. I just fricken love spinning finn. I was trying for a bulky weight and I almost got there. It's true that spinning thicker gets more difficult, but I'm not giving up! It ended up being a three ply heavy worsted. Next time! (The colors are a slight bit greener in person. I tried to fix, but hey I suck!)


  1. Nupps!

    You do not suck. I suck and, therefore, would know. :p

    Love the spinning and the knitting and the nupps. Are you in a blue phase right now? o.0


  2. I thought Cookie smacked people around. o.0
    Oooh, pretty!
    and also,

  3. Very pretty! No you don't suck and love the shawl and skein!

  4. I hope you got my check in the mail! Let me know if you didn't.
    That skein you spun is so gorgeous! Great work.


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