Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not gonna happen!

This is not destined to become one of those blogs without pictures. I promise.

In fact I will probably have to take a few photos for the podcast today, so I should have something for you soon in that line.

I'm totally exhausted (as is my husband) and we have company coming this weekend. It's one of his buddies for guy time, so I don't have to entertain much - just dinners - but still the thought just makes me more tired.

We're getting results back on breast cancer sister's most recent scans on Monday. I'm prepared for the worst, but still hoping it's not that bad.

I could use a break. Like a real one, not where I have to talk to people, or try to pick stuff on tv that they might not hate. One where I am alone and I can eat nothing but triscuits with cottage cheese and louisiana hot sauce on them for the entire weekend. (you shan't judge my food choices). It doesn't look like a break is coming anytime soon though.

Everything is ok - I'm just wearing down.


  1. Fingers crossed!

    Can't you get the men to cook? Or at least order in?

    I hear ya, sister friend. A total unplug would do a lot of us good.

    Now I want triscuits. /sigh

  2. woman, one of these days when you are less tired, we shall be having a discussion about comfort food. because clearly you have not been introduced to the ways of the Chocolate Turtle Empanada.

  3. I bought you something at Wool & Co. today - hope that gives you a little lift!

  4. Hugs! I hope things turn out better than you hoped!

  5. Fingers crossed here too! Carrie is on to something there!


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