Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goodbye Summer

I bet you're wondering what the heck I've been up to. Well, lots of stuff. I've been spending so much time getting number five ready for his first year at middle school (and ignoring the know-it-alls who keep giving us wrong information about how it's going to be) going to football practices and camping, I haven't accomplished that much. It's hard to take a chart to football ya know. Of course that means I had to start some more or less plain socks.

I hate stockinette socks. I feel like they don't fit right unless they are ribbed at least. Maybe I have weird feet :|.

Knitting Progress:

Queen Silvia - The last picture you saw, well that's where she sits. Poor thing.
Oak Leaf Socks - Yay I finally finished one and started the second. I am through the second repeat of the pattern on the cuff, so finally progressing! Picture soon of the finished one
Vivian - Yay here too! I finally got to the point where I could join the sleeves to the body of the sweater and started knitting up the yoke. I'm even decreasing, but it's big and heavy and taking me awhile. What a beautiful sweater though!
Football socks - They're getting the most attention since we haven't been home much. They're Opal, but I don't know where the label went. One is finished that the second is OTN now. Probably with three practices and a scrimmage this week, I'll be on to a new pair of plain ribbed socks soon!

One thing I've been up to is this.


(sorry the color is jacked up. I took it with my phone)

I live less than 4 miles from this. Can you believe I only went once this year. Inconceivable! It was a fabulous day at the beach.

A weekend or two before, My mom and sister were camping at the state park near here and I ran down ery early in the morning to see if we could get a spot to pitch our tents (they were full), but snapped this on the way back home. This is just over two miles from home.


Doesn't seem fair does it?

On that same weekend we did go out visiting. When we were growing up camping here, we used to make trips down to this old, beachy, no shirts and shoes, kinda general store and load up on candy. My sister brought us some of the old standbys; those big ringpops, and these guys.


I'm sorry but soooooooooooooooooooooo funny. AND, my mom received the hideous Opal Rainbow socks WITH the stripes matched as she requested. Which daughter rocks?


Oh yeah and I got Ice Cream on my splurge day. Who invented this Chocolate Monster flavor and where can I send him/her a thank you note?


Srsly, I'm 11, I promise!


  1. I'm a know it all and I think Middle School is wonderful, nothing to fear.

    I made it twice to the beach that is 2 miles away this summer and I generally take it for granted whenever I see the lake or river or Falls, but sometimes it makes me wonder how people could live somewhere land locked.

  2. You rock!

    Who are you people with all that water, beaches and shit?


  3. Knitting? Wha?
    I hated middle school myself, but I went to a Catholic school so you can't take my experience as representative. (Even in the late 80s we still had that million year old nun shouting at the boys about temptations when they'd put their hands in their pockets. Really.)

  4. We live just a few miles from you and 1 mile from "the big lake" but just got out on the boat for the first time last week. We really do take this particular blessing for granted, I guess.
    Missed you so much on the podcast. Your back and forth banter was the best part of the HFD. Maybe you'll return at some point?
    BTW, living so close, I'd love to meet you sometime.
    Nancyof Holland, MI

  5. Summer was cancelled for the second year running here in the UK. Ice Cream is my FAVOURITE whole food. Chocolate Monster sounds delicious.


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