Friday, September 11, 2009

Ok So Yesterday Didn't Really Work Out

But today is going to be better. It's 7:32, I've already gotten number five stuffed with breakfast and off to school, loaded and started the dishwasher, and swept and mopped the hideously disgusting kitchen floor. Woo hoo!

I've been sort of re-ordering my life as I feel maybe my priorities have been mixed up for awhile. It's been a pretty busy process really. This morning, my husband estimated that I must have lost 20 pounds and yesterday my sister said she could tell I had lost some in the last three weeks (since she was last here) so at least that gave me a wee bit of motivation. After all, I am on day 88 now. I also have the next 90 days lined up after for workouts. It should be quite interesting.

Anyway, I didn't post the pictures I promised yesterday because I couldn't find the camera until later in the day. I mean honestly, who does that? Anyway so the pictures aren't great, but that's my M.O. so it won't surprise anybody.

First, I have a new project. I've been saving sock yarn remnants (like most knitters) for quite awhile. I had also been eyeing this beautiful sock yarn blankie being knit by JavaNut

I finally Cast on for it


The wonderful JavaNut sent me a whole bag of tiny sock yarn remnant skeins. It was awesome of her. I hadn't realized I was going to need so many. Oh well. I keep knitting socks right? And hey if you want to send me your bag of sock yarn remnants ;).

I'm done with the second heel flap for the Oak Leaf Socks too. I think the pattern would have shown up better with plain yarn, but I couldn't stand the thought of another plain sock at the time - bleh!


I also am close to the increases on the toe-up football sock.


I haven't been spinning much, but trying to get some projects wrapped up. I'm currently working on the fleece of sweet Clarissa, A Jacob lamb I processed awhile ago. It's boring to look at anyway!


  1. Reordering your priorities is always good. I tend to do my "new years resolutions" now, in the fall, since I was programmed for so many years to think in terms of school years. Plus, this marks the beginning of our outdoor season. Makes sense to me to take stock and fix what isn't working.
    LOVE all the colors in your projects!

  2. I think it's that time of year. The change of seasons and so many of us having been trained to think the new starts in the fall.

    I am so proud of you for sticking with your diet. It really is worth it. Even though, it's no fun.

    And, yes! I do want to send you little bits of yarn. I'll look in my leftover tubbie and see what I can find for you. Any color requests?



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