Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Phone Photos aka Last Weekend

I hate people. I know I've said it before, but sometimes people just burn me up. Stop blaming the economy for the fact that you can't afford to do normal things if you're blowing money on things offered for free. That is making me SO MAD. I know a lot of people have been hit hard, so stop using this as an excuse to take from local agencies when you are just wasting your money! Leave that stuff for the people who really need it!


Anywho, lat weekend my mom and sister went camping at that fair campground which is just 2.3 miles from my house. Natch, I came out to visit and knit on Friday and I have BIG NEWS . . .

My sister finished her very first sock. (Not without much wailing and gnashing of teeth, mind you)

It's a little bigger than she wanted it, but she's going to go down a needle size on her next pair. I taught her to do them Toe-Up starting with a Turkish Caston. Not bad for a beginning sock knitter eh?

Also, our mom has this love of untangling things. If you're cleaning out your jewelry, or you've seriously screwed up some laceweight, you can just drop it with her and it will be returned to you, in one piece and untangled. She would up all the tiny skeins sent to me by Javanut.

Then Saturday, Number Five had his very first scrimmage. He's in there somewhere.
Which was lots of fun. I have met a couple of cool moms, even though a lot of them in this town are just a certain way. Like if your child isn't up to their ass in activities and stressed out to the max, then you are a bad parent. I don't agree with our tendency in this country to schedule our kids right out of fun time. Isn't school, three nights of football and a Saturday game enough?

And after the scrimmage, we headed home on the country roads and ran into this:
Hellooooooooooooooooo, Beautiful! We got vine ripened Big Boy tomatoes, Paula Red apples and some Peaches that smelled so fragrantly that they seemed like she sprayed peach scent on them. It was all fabulous! Also, the farmer lady was really nice and let me wash a peach so I could eat it in the car, and she had platinum and pink pigtails. Of course I think that's a nice touch because really only in Michington do we have those types of peoples.

I'm going back to her house ;)

Oh yeah, and I'm thinking of doing a little audioblogging. Like you would just press play, and listen to the post and look at pictures once in awhile. Any opinions? It's not because I think you all are too lazy to read, it's more for me than anything. Bad idea?


  1. People are paying for free stuff and then whining about not having any money?
    Yay sock! Yay mom! Yay soccer! (Heh, I wanted to type socker) Yay fresh fruit!

  2. LOVE the thought on audio!!!

  3. I love that you hate people.



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