Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fabulousness . .

Thy name is, Teh Cookie! She sent me a box of sock yarn blanket (in kit form of course) that she pulled out of her stash. Thanks again! I really appreciate you offering to contribute your leftovers.

Oh and my mom thanks you for the leftovers that needed winding. It's awfully good for her OCD.


The blanket is growing slowly and is getting pretty. I am being pretty random about color choices. Basically I am trying to keep the colors broken up a bit, but that's it.

Also, it turns out I can still knit stuff that's not socks. I found out because Vivian and I made up. The construction of this sweater is not like any I have knit before. I love it, but I don't know if it's new or just unknown to me. The pattern is good, but I have messed up twice. Both messups were big enough to make me frog. Basically 75% of this sweater has been knitted twice. You have to really like it for that.

The best part is this: I have lost some weight (not loads or anything) and I was wondering if it was going to fit me once I finished. So I realize I've made the second big mistake and will have to frog back to the arm joins. Well CAHRAP!!! Anyway, I bit the bullet, frogged, reknit and then was like - WTF! I don't have enough stitches here to do all the decreases! This is terrible! Am I going to have to frog again?

Turns out I decided to make a smaller size after I frogged the body (you know, after the first major screw up) and forgot. I knitted nearly the whole sweater, and forgot what size I was making all the time worrying that I had chosen a size that would end up too big. Yay me.

I'm on the hood now. I will knit this again someday which is a real statement about how much i like it. I don't knit many things twice.


It will benefit from a good blocking, but seems to fit fairly well at this point. The sleeves are long, and since I'm 5'10'', that doesn't happen to me very often, but I will block them a tiny bit wider, and lose some length I suppose.


Finished football socks too! Pictures when I remember where I put them after I finished them.


  1. Beautiful sweater! The Cookie, she is wonderful.

  2. Love the sweater!

    You and your mom are both most welcome! Looking forward to seeing more of that blanket.


  3. Very pretty sweater! Can't wait to the the blanket when it gets done, I have some yarn out here if your mom needs something more to do ;)

  4. Oh your sweater looks awesome though! It seems like we don't "talk" anymore, just because I don't hear you on the 'cast! haha! I hope you are well. I have to get some trivia to you, don't I?


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