Monday, October 13, 2008


Ok, I don't know what my deal is, but finally I have a few photos of Yarncon.
Here is my sister with the handspun yarn I bought her. It's her hostess gift for having me for the weekend. Believe me, she deserves it. She cooked and drove me all over and we had fun.
Colin from the blogroll over there -----------> mentioned in a comment that she looks like Shirley Maclaine. I haven't really thought of it before, but she does, let me stress, look like a YOUNG Shirley. She sings better though. Here's the weirdness that is my life: My mom looks like Shirley Jones. so I'm surrounded by Shirley lookalikes.
Here she is knitting a scarf. that's right, I've turned her to the dark side.

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  1. I can see both the Shirley's in them.
    Looks like you all had fun with the yarn fumes :)


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