Saturday, October 18, 2008

The True Axis of Evil

Lives in my house. It's our dogs. Forget North Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan, it's here. We have three dogs:

Abby - aka Hoover (as she sucks up her food the moment it drops out of the measuring cup) nearly 13, chocolate lab, deaf, incontinent, gettin' crochety, near chronic ear infections. (belonged to the Chief before we combined households)
Napoleon aka Poley - approx 5 yr old blonde pomeranian that I adopted. He was aggressive and completely unsocialized. Oh yeah, and he loved to pee on everything he could. Now epileptic, but otherwise after a lot of training, he has become a pretty good dog. (belonged to me prior to combining households)
Princey - aka Prince Evil - Approx 5 also, wee little white pomeranian. He has sired 11 litters and was retired from breeding a few years ago by a good friend of the Chief and subsequently adopted by said Chief. Prince pees anytime someone he perceives as "alpha" touches him. (Or if the Chief who he sees as Alpha AND Omega even talks to him). Prince wears diapers I've made from hand towels to keep him from weeing all over the house. Poor guy can't help it, but ick.

I don't have a pic of Ab right now, but here's the boys. Please excuse Poley's tocks in your face.


Oh and I took a pic of Beaudalaires
Purdy right?

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  1. Very purdy socks -- and those dogs look so cute -- they can't be that bad.


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