Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barbarella was here

I have tons to tell you, but I'm going to spread it out over a few days.

First, when i got back from Yarncon, I found out I was SOLD OUT of blue Hawaiian on Etsy. here's the truth of it all, I've been feeling like I must not be cut out to dye yarn for sale. The main reason is that I have three options as I see it, sell in shops (but I can't make enough profit for it to be worth it if I sell it wholesale), sell at fiber festivals (which isn't really feasible with the family and gas prices and the operating capital I have at the moment, or sell online (and frankly I wasn't selling much). I don't have the personality to sell myself in person anyway. I wish I did, but alas, newp.

If I hadn't sold that order, I think I would have given up quite soon. Maybe I still will. Who knows huh? Anywho, since I did sell out, and I had a great big jug of that blue base mixed up, I dyed up a few more skeins to put on as well as some more Angler's Cocktail (which I've totally been meaning to do). I tell ya what, it gave me a boost.

I've been carding up the alpaca that has been washed and dried. Tell me that doesn't look like Barbarella dropped by and lost some of her grody 60's hairpiece.
Kinda creepy huh? and way to go if you knew who Barbarella was without having to look it up. You're cool.

Last for today, My sister got a bunny. I promised the Chief I would not fuss for one of my own. To be quite honest. I have more on my hands to take care of than I really need anyway. One of these dogs has to wear a diaper because he has a nervous peepee problem. Here's a photo of the bunny and my sister too.

Isn't that just a cute bunny face?

More stuff soon, photos of Yarncon, turning my sister to the darkside and likely much more! yay!


  1. yay on your sales. Your yarn is so preety, don't give up yet.

    Oh and squshie bunny face, how cute!

  2. In this photograph your sister looks like Shirley MacLean.
    I look forward to seeing the alpaca yarn.


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