Monday, October 6, 2008

Where I reveal the true nature of my insanity

Dude, when I'm tired, I am just an unstable, crazy bitch! My weekend trip to Chicago was lovely, Yarncon was lovely. I met Franklin Habit people and he was SO NICE!! My sister's new Holland Lop bunny is lovely, and I am tired!

I'm getting awfully tired of the election. I'm not going to go on about my own political agenda here, because, hey this is a KNITTING BLOG. I don't want to go to a knitting blog and read about people's political agendas. I want to read about (hey here's an idea) KNITTING, YOU JACKASSES. I am fine with the odd funny story about work, family, whatever.

American politics is really a big study in hypocrisy anyway isn't it? Food for thought. I have an opinion, I know who I'm voting for and more importantly, I know WHY because I have paid attention, done research and watched the debates attentively.

I hope you vote. Whether you agree with my own pick or not, you should be heard.

Visit back, I'll have photos and more info on yarncon! Oh and if you listen to the podcast, we won't be uploading until Thursday and it's my fault. I'm wiped out and don't really feel up to recording today. I was going to just do it anyway, but Coggie graciously let me beg off until Wednesday.

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