Friday, February 26, 2010

Looks Almost like a Sweater!

I've had this irrational anxiety about putting the sleeves on this cardigan. I think it's because I knit the sleeves in the round instead of flat, and that means I had to set a tube in a hole and i was worried that I couldn't do it.

Turns out, no need to be worried. I have one pinned in and it set right in there.


But! I have to finish My February socks before I sew this son of a nutcracker in here. I'm about 30% done with the second sock, so I should be able to manage a finish.

And, I've picked up three sides of the border on the Queen Silvia, so that is nearly there too!

We've had a bit of a long hard week here. This is one of the ways you can tell
I went to the basement to spend some time with my old friend NordicTrak and when I got back upstairs, he was standing in the family room CLEARLY just woken up. I said "just wake up?" He said "No, what?"

Um, yeah ya did.

So I went into the kitchen to get some water boiling for poached salmon and taters. Five minutes later, I walked back into the family room to this. Doesn't that just look like a fabu spot to curl up?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guess Who's Back On Lace Again

Dear Lace,

Why have we stayed apart so long? I didn't miss you a bit, but once you were back in my lap, well. . . . And why didn't you tell me how much better the nickel needles would work for Nupps?



I'm on the 16th out of 20 repeats for the center rectangle. Suddenly this piece of lace is just flying!


In a few days I'll be on border, I think!

I also finished a scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I thought maybe if I knit a few throughout the year, I could just pop them in the mail when it comes time this year. It's black, so it doesn't photograph well. I don't really enjoy knitting scarves, so this way I get to space some out over the year, and still do something good for somebody at the end.

I'm ready to put the sleeves on the B-Side too, but first I have things to go out and do. The sun is shining, so time to go and get busy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daisies are my favorite

Not surprising that a Gallup Poll found this place to be the second happiest place to live. A bunch of people on a Statewide site had terrible comments to say, but the ones who actually live here mostly had nothing but good to say. So, I guess we're happy if we live here, and everybody else hates us for it? hehehehe. Screw them!

I've got the shawl collar more than half knitted on my B-side and those sleeves are STILL pinned to my blocking board. I kinda screwed them up blockimng them the first time, but I've fixed them now. I may have a finished photo (except for zipper, must order from YKK)anytime now.

Yesterday I threw a great big roast into the leftover french onion soup with a can of cream of mushroom soup and it was a FABU dinner. I heated up some frozen pierogies and peas to go with it. Tonight is make your own pizza. YUMMMMMMMMMM. I've been thinking about pizza for days.

Also, thanks to that darn, Meghan I'm obsessed with the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. This is not my usual type of book. I usually read horror and murder mysteries and stuff like that. This book is mostly set in mid 1700s Scotland. I don't know if it's accurate in its description of the people back then. I suspect the level of brutality would be quite a bit higher, but the personalities are so much like my mostly Scottish husband, it's kind of scary. I've already ordered the second book from the library :|.

Oh, and I love snow, but I'm also ready to see a crocus or something. Yes, I said it, I'm feeling like I'm ready for Spring to come now. Hence, the blog's new looks.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yes, I know I look funny today. I'll be straightening out soon!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So the Rhubarb Pie was a problem

Last summer our big freezer was left open and lots of stuff thawed. Apparently the rhubarb was a casualty. When I went down to get it yesterday and bake the pie, well it was plainly not going to work. I guess as it thawed, the liquid largely seeped out of it so it was really weird in the bags.


Instead we put together an impromptu cookie tower with candle and the real cake will be Sunday.

I did some spinning today - an alpaca/Finn blend that I quickly whipped up on the drum carder this morning. And Lulu made dinner. I made Paula Dean's French Onion soup this morning and she's been simmering it all day. Put on top of that some croutons made from the leftover garlic bread (last night) and some broiled cheese and you get an after school snack for the boy and dinner for The Chief and me.


I also took a photo of the body of B-Side. The photo stinks, but that wouldn't be anything new here.


Other than that, no knitting, lots of work on books and things. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Life is Just Like That Sometimes

Well a lot has been going on around here really. I've wimped out on Ravelympics already. In fact, I haven't been able to focus on knitting much at all for a little bit, but I did get a little bit done.

I finished the sleeves for the B-Side Cardigan, but they're blocking right now. I also sewed up the shoulder seams and blocked the body of the sweater so I can pick up stitches for the collar now. Photos of that soon!

I also finished one of the Marina Labyrinth Socks. The second is Cast On.

As usual, my photos suck, so I do recommend checking this pattern out. I knit it for the Sock Knitters Anonymous February challenge and it's in the Underappreciated category. Although I normally don't favor a short0row heel, this one is not too bad really.


We don't exactly celebrate Valentine's Day. It's not that we flatly reject the idea of showing that person you love some appreciation, but shouldn't it be a bit all year long? And is buying me jewelry (I don't wear much anyway) or flowers or candy really what I want out of my relationship? My Darling Husband did make me dinner (the same dinner he made me on our very first date) and we spent the weekend together.

And today is his birthday. I'll be making one of his favorite dinners and a rhubarb pie to celebrate having him around another year. The real celebration is Sunday evening though.

I missed posting a lot of other stuff that happened while I was "out". Life is a rollercoaster. Remember that scene in Parenthood when Steve Martin can hear rollercoaster sounds when his life appears to be spinning out of control and he looks like he's going to puke? Yeah, it's safe to say that's us right now. We'll adjust though!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nothin' to See Here

I'm gonna take a week or two off. I've been feeling really worn out. I'm not dead!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm done!

I finished my Kilkenny Shawl about ten minutes ago. I have an idea about the shawl pin, but we'll just see how that goes shall we?


I wasn't that sure if I loved the yarn with the pattern at first, but I found that I need to get a good chunk of pattern done before I can tell. It's still true. After I finished a few inches, I loved my squishy Jacob lamb fleece and yarn, and now it's sort of gone. So sad!

Close up!

Next I need to finish up the B-side before Ravelympics. I'm doing Charity Curling for my event, and I would rather not have a bunch of projects hanging over my head (that's why I have a good finish rate; they hang over my head). Happy Groundhog day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Still Hate People

Well only some people really.

but, I meant to write about this two weeks ago. I was admiring this coffee cup at B&N just over two weeks ago. I mean honestly, it's pink, it's purple and some of those daisy are shiny, hot pink foil. What's not to like about that? I coveted it and walked away. When we hit the truck, my husband went back and bought it for me.

Yes, my wildly overpriced, but pink, purple, shiny, daisy covered travel mug was bought for me just because i admired it.

I guess sometimes it pays to be part Magpie.


My Kilkenny is only about two inches from the ending border. Granted it's two inches of 330 stitches, but I'm getting very close now!