Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm done!

I finished my Kilkenny Shawl about ten minutes ago. I have an idea about the shawl pin, but we'll just see how that goes shall we?


I wasn't that sure if I loved the yarn with the pattern at first, but I found that I need to get a good chunk of pattern done before I can tell. It's still true. After I finished a few inches, I loved my squishy Jacob lamb fleece and yarn, and now it's sort of gone. So sad!

Close up!

Next I need to finish up the B-side before Ravelympics. I'm doing Charity Curling for my event, and I would rather not have a bunch of projects hanging over my head (that's why I have a good finish rate; they hang over my head). Happy Groundhog day.


  1. Oh that's lovely! Congrats! I am a sucker for a pretty gray fleece/fiber/spun up goodness. I just finished my Simple Stole and bound off today. Such a good feeling isn't it to free a pair of circulars yet I understand the sadness in the finishing too.

  2. berry beautimous!
    I'm saving b-side to be my olympics WIP event. :-)

  3. That looks so warm and cuddly - especially appealing because it's going to snow tonite.


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