Monday, February 15, 2010

Life is Just Like That Sometimes

Well a lot has been going on around here really. I've wimped out on Ravelympics already. In fact, I haven't been able to focus on knitting much at all for a little bit, but I did get a little bit done.

I finished the sleeves for the B-Side Cardigan, but they're blocking right now. I also sewed up the shoulder seams and blocked the body of the sweater so I can pick up stitches for the collar now. Photos of that soon!

I also finished one of the Marina Labyrinth Socks. The second is Cast On.

As usual, my photos suck, so I do recommend checking this pattern out. I knit it for the Sock Knitters Anonymous February challenge and it's in the Underappreciated category. Although I normally don't favor a short0row heel, this one is not too bad really.


We don't exactly celebrate Valentine's Day. It's not that we flatly reject the idea of showing that person you love some appreciation, but shouldn't it be a bit all year long? And is buying me jewelry (I don't wear much anyway) or flowers or candy really what I want out of my relationship? My Darling Husband did make me dinner (the same dinner he made me on our very first date) and we spent the weekend together.

And today is his birthday. I'll be making one of his favorite dinners and a rhubarb pie to celebrate having him around another year. The real celebration is Sunday evening though.

I missed posting a lot of other stuff that happened while I was "out". Life is a rollercoaster. Remember that scene in Parenthood when Steve Martin can hear rollercoaster sounds when his life appears to be spinning out of control and he looks like he's going to puke? Yeah, it's safe to say that's us right now. We'll adjust though!


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband!

    I agree with you. It shouldn't be one single a day a year and cheap jewelry from the mall isn't a way to show one's love in the first place.


  2. I do recall that scene, and it ended with him enjoying the ride. I hope that's how it works for you.
    And yeah, cheap trinkets or jewelry doesn't do much for me, but you can show your love with chocolate ANY day. ;-)

  3. nice sock! yeah we dont do the v day either . it is just another hallmark holiday meant to make us spend money we dont have on crap we dont need. like i need chocolate to add to the padding on my ass. ew! let me tell you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!! another fun year ahead of adventure, seeing exciting new places do more wonderful new things! ya.....

  4. I recall that scene - and I especially love the grandmother's comment on the roller coaster:)! The way you spent V-day is the best way to do it, IMHO!


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