Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So the Rhubarb Pie was a problem

Last summer our big freezer was left open and lots of stuff thawed. Apparently the rhubarb was a casualty. When I went down to get it yesterday and bake the pie, well it was plainly not going to work. I guess as it thawed, the liquid largely seeped out of it so it was really weird in the bags.


Instead we put together an impromptu cookie tower with candle and the real cake will be Sunday.

I did some spinning today - an alpaca/Finn blend that I quickly whipped up on the drum carder this morning. And Lulu made dinner. I made Paula Dean's French Onion soup this morning and she's been simmering it all day. Put on top of that some croutons made from the leftover garlic bread (last night) and some broiled cheese and you get an after school snack for the boy and dinner for The Chief and me.


I also took a photo of the body of B-Side. The photo stinks, but that wouldn't be anything new here.


Other than that, no knitting, lots of work on books and things. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Yummy!

    It looks like part of a sweater. I think it's a damn fine photo.

  2. That soup looks amazingly fantastico. I wants some.
    My sweater is SO NOT THAT FAR DONE. sob.


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