Monday, February 1, 2010

I Still Hate People

Well only some people really.

but, I meant to write about this two weeks ago. I was admiring this coffee cup at B&N just over two weeks ago. I mean honestly, it's pink, it's purple and some of those daisy are shiny, hot pink foil. What's not to like about that? I coveted it and walked away. When we hit the truck, my husband went back and bought it for me.

Yes, my wildly overpriced, but pink, purple, shiny, daisy covered travel mug was bought for me just because i admired it.

I guess sometimes it pays to be part Magpie.


My Kilkenny is only about two inches from the ending border. Granted it's two inches of 330 stitches, but I'm getting very close now!


  1. Just adorable. It's nice to have things that make you smile. And even nicer when they are given with love.


  2. So cute!

    What a lovely (and well trained) husband you have.

  3. You lost me at pink an purple and sparkly. :D hahahahah

    *ahem* I can do pink and sparkly but not all three.

  4. I don't believe Squish for a minute.
    Cute! Husband gets another stamp of approval.

  5. I love the mug! It just screams YOU. Hubby musta heard the screaming, eh?

    I was looking ahead at my calendar today and got sad all over again that I'm not going to make it to the spring retreat. :(

  6. Lucky, you are! Gotta love your man!

    I saw Kilkenny and thought you were doing this one:

    Cause I have had my eye on it.... I figured if you were making that for your man, he owes you a hell of a lot more coffee cups :)


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