Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fiber in the Forest Autumn 2009

We're full! As of today, we are officially full on registrations and paid (well one check is coming, but I trust the person that it's on the way).

Overall it's supposed to be a relaxing getaway. The perfect chance to knit, crochet, or spin on those holiday gifts and get away before the Thanksgiving madness starts. We'll even have Meghan from Stitch It podcaster and Beth from the Spinning Loft in Howell as guests!

We'll have attendees from Idaho to New York and as far south as Kentucky this time, and I am working hard! Donations for door prizes and goodybags are starting to arrive (which is probably really pissing off my worthless postal carrier), and opening them (to paw through them) is like Christmas!

Remember us while you're NOT sitting by the Lake this November 5th - 8th.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Might As Well Face It

I'm Addicted to Nupps :|


Queen Silvia in progress. It's merino silk from Skaska Designs. I cannot pass them by when I'm at the Fiber Festival. I just can't keep walking. I try, but it totally doesn't work.

I also completely frogged and restarted my Vivian. I had a mistake in this back seed stitch panel and it was making me insane. Now at least that part will be right!


Hey, I'm spinning too (and washing and I bought a bunch of stuff at an estate sale and fiber festival last week). Last week I finished this Finn top dyed in the Emerald City colorway from Zarzuela's Fibers. I just fricken love spinning finn. I was trying for a bulky weight and I almost got there. It's true that spinning thicker gets more difficult, but I'm not giving up! It ended up being a three ply heavy worsted. Next time! (The colors are a slight bit greener in person. I tried to fix, but hey I suck!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not gonna happen!

This is not destined to become one of those blogs without pictures. I promise.

In fact I will probably have to take a few photos for the podcast today, so I should have something for you soon in that line.

I'm totally exhausted (as is my husband) and we have company coming this weekend. It's one of his buddies for guy time, so I don't have to entertain much - just dinners - but still the thought just makes me more tired.

We're getting results back on breast cancer sister's most recent scans on Monday. I'm prepared for the worst, but still hoping it's not that bad.

I could use a break. Like a real one, not where I have to talk to people, or try to pick stuff on tv that they might not hate. One where I am alone and I can eat nothing but triscuits with cottage cheese and louisiana hot sauce on them for the entire weekend. (you shan't judge my food choices). It doesn't look like a break is coming anytime soon though.

Everything is ok - I'm just wearing down.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm home

the doctor was 12

the MIL was gassy. Like she was making a hotel reservation for a followup visit and totally ripped one in front of the front desk. I'm not much of a fart in public kind of person but it was not easy to keep a straight face.

She will be fine.

I will have to go back for more stuff with her probably.

My ears are tired. Is that even possible?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Change of plans!

Or as I like to say to my husband dramatically when things don't work out:


I'm not even gonna go into why or what the new plan is. Sometimes it's just easier that way.

Five points to BethanyG! You sock, sista!

I'll be back when i'm back.

Also, I am now on day 65 of my diet/working out and I have done my six workouts per week EVERY SINGLE WEEK, and with the exception of a splurge day every other Friday, i have kept my calories in the parameters. Why do I not look like Cindy Crawford yet? Unacceptable.

However, i will be continuing through my 90 day commitment and then making a new goal. What do you think of 30 day goals after the 90? I know I have reduced in size. I'm still not weighing myself. My endurance and strength seems to be building, but I really wish I had a treadmill so i could run at home. I still can't comfortably wear the skinny jeans, but eventually.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Go Back to Your Knitting!`

And five points if you can tell me what movie that's from.

I gotta take my MIL to the Cleveland Clinic for a doctor visit. It's for a second opinion on her heart condition, so it's not a dire situation or anything (as far as we know) but I will be gone a few days.

Honk if Cleveland Rocks!

P.S. I won't even get to visit yarn stores because she would not understand. Woe is me!

Monday, August 3, 2009

So Good News! Or Why You Should Never Fuck With a Knitter

I finished the knitting on the Faux Russian Stole this morning! I was really trying to finish before bed last night, but I couldn't do it. I will wash and block it either this afternoon, or tomorrow, but woo hoo!


PuhLUS I picked out my next lace project, but I'm going to force myself to finish Vivian first.

Also, there is a lesson in this post. I love movies. The other day i went to the video store for the first time in quite awhile and realized that i could sit and knit and watch new movies for a week solid. I digress . . .

So I watch movies On Demand quite a bit. Recently - in two separate movies - I saw people murdered with knitting needles. So of course, because I love youse guys, I took pictures.


I don't know, size 15 maybe? Hard to say. He was a bad guy, so you know, not too upsetting.


Come to think of it, this one is a bad guy too. Plus the needle wielder (say that five times fast) has a broken leg. Poor thing, but she had the needle hidden in her cast. She slid that bitch out and BLAM! He never knew what purled him.

All I can say is: Let this be a lesson to those who might feel the need to comment on the size of the stash or something.