Monday, June 22, 2009

We Had a Storm

All photos taken within a block from my house, and only a very small sampling of the really terrible damage here. We were without power for less than 24 hours thanks to the awesomeness that is the Holland Board of Public Works. A funny thing happens when the neighborhood has no power. Everybody comes out! We pretended we were camping in a super fantastic trailer (because our house is fairly average, but compared to a lot of campers, it rocks). We had hot water, our grill and gas stove and the freezer stayed frozen, so what is there to bitch about?

I've never seen a storm this bad before. Some neighbors of ours have literally lost their homes, and when I say neighbors, there are two houses between us and them.

It's heartbreaking, but we are so thankful no one was hurt (that we know of). One of our rentals had water in the basement (first time ever). We went over and pulled out the carpet pad and put the carpet on 2x4s to dry out with fans, humidifier and a prayer. The good news is that there was no visible mold under the carpet from before this happened, so if we can get that carpet dried out, there is a good chance we are straight.


Why yes, those are my pink, fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror. I am nothing if not a dork.


And my 11 year old miracle's favorite.

I have other stuff to talk about and have to apologize for the silence. Summer vacay adjustments and the like are keeping me kinda busy.

I'm already sick of sweating.

I made myself a note about all the stuff I want to blog about tomorrow!


  1. WOW. That must have been a doozy. I do love big violent storms, but that might have been a little over the top...

  2. Thank goodness everyone is alright!

  3. Glad no one was hurt. We are having similar adjustments to Summer here too. My one consolation is that my kids go back to school the end of July

  4. Glad no one was killed. How scary this storm would have been. Like the previous poster, I too love storms, electrical ones, but not sever thank you very much. The 87 hurricane was one never to forget.


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