Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh My, Indeed

So you can see my problem with the birdbath. Ironically, the water comes out of a hose in the middle of the bowl, not from where you would think.

This morning my wee boy is graduating elementary school. At the risk of being a cliche, Where on earth did the time go anyway? I'll have pics to share later I hope.

The Chief's sweater was dry last night and when he tried it on, we both got a very happy surprise.

It fits! And he totally should have been a JCPenney model circa 1976. We always laugh about those poses with the five men in various stages of undress from bathrobe and slippers to nothing but a pair of 70's jockeys standing around chuckling and holding coffee cups. Don't you agree he missed his calling?


Doesn't his hand look Tim Burton GINORMOUS? Like circus huge? I love that. May I also remind you that I got that sweater as a stinky, dirty, right off the sheep fleece and turned it into that? I am ridiculously proud of that. I guess you can't tell.


  1. I'd prefer a close up of the sweater. You can tell I am over 50 now, right? ;-)

  2. That's impressive! Great great sweater. Great great pose!

  3. Wow - it's awesome! Great work.


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