Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a bunch of unrelated stuff to catch up

1. It is hot. Like "face of the sun" hot around here and I am a fat person. I get crabby.

2. I finished my first sock for Summer of Socks '09. I don't love them, but hey they aren't for me. I can knit skulls in my sleep now, which isn't a talent I was going for, but honestly who am I to turn one away?


3. Zarzuela Is doing a mini-interview tonight with me via speaker phone about the Summer of Socks '09 group. It will be in Next week's episode of The High Fiber Diet. Kind of cool. I've never done a phone one before.

4. Yesterday, Diana from my knitting group happened to drive by with her beeyouuuuutiful daughters as I was hopping down from the truck. her elder daughter brushed off my zipper fear (CPH) with "zippers are easy" and I sat down and sewed that nasty bitch in. I rock.

Now I can weave in the last few ends and give it to my mom. She put it on back in Feb and hinted that she wanted it, so i decided to give it to her for Mothers' Day. The kicker is she not only could not remember wanting it, but could not actually remember its existence.

The color is wrong, but honestly all that matters is that little brass glint of an actual working zipper ya know.

5. I am spinning up 4 ounces of the most purtiest fiber I have ever had. It's Merino/bamboo from Yarnhollow and I'm going to ply it into a 2 play laceweight when I'm done, but hey laceweight goes SLOWLYYYYYYYYYYY. It had pink, it was shiny, and I had to have it.


Last for today:

6. I am also signed up for the Tour de Fleece on Team Crankypants. I am pmsing, plus it is hotter than the Devil's sweaty you know whats around here so it seemed fitting. Plus, one of my favorite bloggers ever posted it on her blog and since I am no longer addicted to Lace Knitalongs I figured "why not?"

I had about 10 ounces of really pretty Jacob lamb from the West Michigan Fibre Festival (last year) and decided that I'll be blending it with some red Shetland (that is like blah city) because the two together seem to be nice and springy, heathery and will make me a nice sweater. So that's my goal for the Tour de Fleece. Now I just need a Team Crankypants Ravatar.


  1. awesome sock, fantastic zipper, beautiful spinning! woohoo, go team crankypants!

  2. You do rock!

    I kinda like the skull, but we know about me. o.0

    And I'm so glad you've joined us on Team CrankyPants. I believe we'll see some artwork today for the team.

  3. I love that sock! And the red whatsit. yummy.


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