Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Drowning or Why I am a Hot, Snotty Mess

I started to feel a wee bit of the fuzz in the chest on Saturday, by Sunday I was sporting a low grade fever and very lethargic. Yesterday no fever but painful chest pressure, today I have a higher fever.

let me tell you I have NO qualms about taking tons of OTC drugs during a cold or flu. (I think this qualifies as flu but I am never quite clear on the differences) Anywho, I have barely touched yarn. That's how sick I feel. You can't understand how sick I have to be to lie in bed and not feel good enough TO KNIT. I am drowning in chest congestion people! Get this elephant off my chest! Oh never mind, those are just boobs.

On Saturday, I wasn't feeling as bad, so I did start spinning the lovely Shetland/Suri Alpaca blend for sock yarn. It is spinning up just beautifully, but I didn't take a picture. Here's a picture of the blended batts. It is very uninspiring, but the yarn is going to knock your socks off. Bad pun alert.

If you feel the need to see the spinning, just picture it in your head. Srsly how many photos of singles on a bobbin do you need to see before you can figure it out? Cut me some slack here. I'm sick.

I did finish the knitting on hubby's sweater on Sunday (or something) but I haven't sewed up the armpit holes or blocked it yet. As soon as I feel better i will get on that.

I haven't cast on yet for the second viking sock. That cable pattern has just looked too hard for my fevered brain to handle.

I have knit a wee bit on the Faux Russian stole, but I'm not even done with the first repeat. How the hell does Cookie do it?

Yes, I am aware that I should consider the doctor. However, I am apparently phobic since my sister got the (whispered) cancer. I am young (sort of) and strong (like bull) and I will kick it. Plus I have been huffing proventil and taking other fun stuff like it's going out of style. I should be so decongested that my blood has turned to powder, but ALAS.

See ya'll when i feel better.


  1. I think the fever is the difference. Fever means flu.

    I hope you feel better soon, sweetie.


  2. Cookie is a machine, and she has minions to do all the rest of the crap that we mortals waste our time with.
    Iffin you're not NOTICEABLY better by tomorrow, and/or you start to get the albuterol jitters, go see a doc. Don't make me send Cookie over there.


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