Friday, February 20, 2009

Something I hate to do . . . . Check.

I hate blocking. Now I totally know it's a necessity for me. If I don't block, my sweaters don't look as nice, my lace - well we know what lace looks like when unblocked.

I finally blocked Estes Park aka Secret of the Stole III. yesterday! The photos aren't that great, but I will probably never be much better so I'm not even going to apologize.



The pictures really don't do it justice at all. I used a thin laceweight yarn, and I'm thinking that I'll make another with some nice white laceweight that has a halo and silver beads, or maybe light blue sparkly ones, but anyway, it is still much prettier than the photos show.

I'm going to the Late Night Yarn Party tonight at City Knitting in Grand Rapids. I'll try to remember my camera!


  1. you don't half create some work, madam. Are you a speed knitter?
    This shawl looks beautiful and you must photograph it on someone so we can see it's full effect.

  2. Wow! If the photos don't do it justice, it must be truly awesome! You go girl


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