Friday, February 6, 2009

A rant and a story or two

Why is it that so many women (I mean maybe it's men too, but I've noticed it more with women) just don't even have the self-esteem it takes to be a good friend? I mean WTF! Why can't they just BE HAPPY if something good happens to someone they call a friend? Instead they feel the need to "top" it. Or find fault with it?

That kind of person really isn't your friend. I'm so sick to death of it. If you're reading and thinking, oh no, is it me? It probably is on some level. If you can even ask yourself if you are just jealous of every good thing that hapens to your "friends" and have to either argue, nitpick, find fault with, or top everything, then it's you. That's right. It's not me, IT'S YOU.

And let me tell you something else. If the person who is supposed to be closer to you than anybody else tells you that you're selfish and rude a lot, then you probably are. I'm so sick of women (maybe it's men too, I dunno) trying to find some excuse for the person that tells them the truth. If they say it over and over, there is probably some truth to it. Stop excusing yourself. Get some self-esteem before you lose another friend. Just sayin!

Ok rant over. I finished a cute hat for the boy. He loses them. What can I say, he's 10.
I know, he looks a little drunk. Don't worry I just caught him at a bad second, I don't send my fifth grader to school toasted.

Also, I was working on my CPH and realized I had twisted a cable the wrong way - oh round about 32 rows down. SHIT!

I don't know if you can see well in the picture.
Well I'm not going to frog back that far, but I just couldn't leave that thing that way. So I laddered it down.

Looks like a hot mess huh? Come back and see it fixed. I haven't taken a photo yet, but I will here fairly soon.


  1. Thank you!

    I'm starting to think there is something going around where certain women feel the need to compete with their "friends".

    Why can't they just be happy when something nice happens? Or hug you and tell you they're sorry when it's been a crappy day? Why don't know they know high school is over?!

    I may have an opinion on this topic. Sorry about that.

    Cute boy. Cute hat. Glad to know he was fit to drive to school. ;^)

    I don't blame you for fixing the cable. I would do the same thing.


  2. Agree(1,000,000) and she wonders why I stop calling her.

    Is it hard to do the ladder thing? It does seem much better than frogging all those rows.

  3. Cool thing about just laddering down to fix a cable. I would have done the very same thing, in fact I did on my CPH, too.

  4. You're a gutsier lady than me -- I frogged when my cable twisted the wrong way on the CPH. Hope it works out for you :) Oh and you're son looks too cool!

  5. Nope, men do it too. It is about fear. fear of not being good enough. And they can't stand the idea that someone else might be better. It doesn't occur to them that if they thought differently, they wouldn't feel the jealousy and wouldn't snipe and would keep their friends.

  6. fixed the cable? Does that make you ein expert? (Lebowski ftw)

    don't blame me, Cookie sent me here to read.

  7. Wow, you certainly are brave.


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