Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bits and Bobs

You know, it's another way to say odds and ends right? I have just that to show. First, I finally made it to a Late Night Yarn Party at City Knitting in Grand Rapids. It was a zoo with lots of ladies and gentlemen hanging out, eating, knitting maybe a spinner or two.

Here's BethanyG talking to Coggietm and Debra (who's Rav name escapes me at the moment).
If you'll notice, some poor woman in the background looks quite horrified to see me taking a photo and seems to think she's the subject. Sorry!

There's another photo I took with flash, but oddly it is not as good lightwise. Hey, Ansel Adams, I am NOT!

Next, I tried to take some daylight photos of my blocked Estes Park. I haven't woven the ends in yet, but maybe today, then I will fold it and put it in the hatbox I use to store my knit shawls.
I tried to get a good photo of the beads, but if you look very VERY closely, you can see a few. The bead color was aqua, so they blend in mostly with just a sparkly wink here and there.

Sorry for the blur, it's an extreme closeup!

Hey and a culinary victory. I've had in my head that I wanted to try this for awhile. It's sort of a breakfast muffin/quiche/souffle? Hey it's the BMQS Version 1. The Chief got up a bit late so I didn't have time to do his, but number 5 got this for breakfast.


Success! A bit of tweaking and I think we'll have a winner here! He was quite in love with them and hoping to get them for breakfast many times in the future.


  1. Those things look good! Recipe please?

  2. Aww, too bad, REALLY, that the other pic didn't turn out as well! haha! ;)

    You shawl is gorgeous and your breakfast looks way yummy. Do share the recipe, please!

  3. Bits and Bobs is right, yes. The shawl is beautiful.

  4. Your shawl came out great I want to make something like that one day but lace freaks me out lol. The breakfast looked yummy.


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