Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Say What!!??

Hey this has never happened to me before! I got an award! I got it from Ria . Originally, Ria and I both belonged to a knitting/crocheting group on MSN, which I left a bit after joining Ravelry. She writes about her knitting, her favorite Racecar driver, her family and lots of stuff!

Thank you, Ria! I have to award this to seven more bloggers, so I'll let post soon when I figure out where these are going.

Also, I said I would write a post about the Chief's Birthday. So I got him a brewing session at a nearby microbrewery. They have this really cool setup inside the tavern part where you can brew 11 gallons right there. Little did Chief J know, but I had invited a bunch of friends and family to meet us for his brewing session. When we got there, he got a surprise! It was fun.

So he (and all the fellas that were in attendance) went back and first mixed up the grains and mashed them in some machine, then they went into a sort of ginormous teaball and into a big tankful of water to sort of steep for awhile. Um after that the steps get a little bit fuzzy, but anyway he had a great time and learned a lot. He made scotch ale.

So the tanks are over on the right of the photo, The Chief is waiting with his "brewmaster" and yes, that is my sock bag on the left. You never know.


So here he is looking at the unfermented, mixture or concoction or whatever you call it. We tasted it. It tasted like water that had grain boiled in it. Go figure.

And here they are . . Well actually I have no idea what they're doing. After a few beers I stop listening closely, but I'm sure it was really important to the process.

Last of all, The Chief ended up with 11 gallons of his very own ale, in a fermenting barrel.


I think he liked it.


  1. what a great idea for a gift. I will have to see if they have anything like that aroudn here. Hubby would love it.

  2. "after a few beers I stop listening closely"...


  3. This post really moved me. What a surprise for the man you love. Good work.


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