Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hey! Guess Whose Husband

Carded up his very first rolag last night. Muahahahahahahahaha!
And yes, I am aware that it looks quite a bit like it came straight out ofa 1970s Playboy, and no, it is actually just Romney wool. But yes, you do have a gross and perverted mind!

I forgot to take a photograph of the socks I finished and gifted during the retreat so Poop on that, but I am just a few inches from finishing the sleeves on my darling husband's gansey, so pictures soon maybe?

I'm getting close to finishing the merino tencel laceweight singles that are taking FOR FREAKING EVER.

I don't have any socks on the needles which is super weird.

I am already engaged in planning the next retreat, because I had a good time and i am a little slice of crazy pie.

I need to make myself some kind of spinning goal for the winter. Spin down stash or something. 15 minutes a day spinning? Maybe 30? I need to do like four hours a day. I'm going to include prepping time for anything I prep too. I gotta spin this fiber stash down!


  1. It looks like the thing I found behind the couch only darker....

  2. Mmm, pie.
    Next up, socks of handspun?

  3. How many pounds of alpaca can you spin before spring? ;^)


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