Monday, April 20, 2009

Well Hello, Handsome

Yes, you see some little bumps. If you listen to the podcast, you already know that I am working on a BFL fleece that had brittle, blonde tips. I'm spinning the broken off little blonde nubs to make the yarn "tweedy".
It's a nice lustrous dark brown, and will be a three ply yarn eventually.

I finished the Regia socks. They're being modeled by my son whose feet are smaller than the intended recipient. The pattern is Cookie A.'s BFF socks. Love them!

I finished my second charity blanket too. I think it turned out nice. Nothing spectacular, but hopefully some little one will enjoy it.


It's a cold, rainy day here. so much laundry, so little time and all that!


  1. I read your blog title and thought 'has she met me, then?' ;-)
    Great socks. I do like Regia very much and have loads of it.


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