Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh stuff

I forgot to post a picture of the latest pair of fingerless gloves I made for number 5. He lost one of the first pair. Hey it happens when you're ten. I knit them from leftover yarn from my first handknit sweater. I had two skeins left, dyed one charcoal and got to knittin! It's almost like free gloves. . . almost :S

Also, a listener from the podcast sent me and my co-host some alpaca to spin. It was Huacaya which I've never had the chance to spin before and it was soooooooo wonderful. I carded it up, stripped it into batts and dyed it (scroll down and you'll see it). Well, the spinning is done too. I wanted laceweight and I think it's my best laceweight yet.

This morning I finally sewed in my second sleeve on my CPH. You know that means I have underarm seams and ribbing to do and I'm DONE!!

I think the reason I hate the finishing part is because I really want it to be absolutely perfect and no matter how slow I go, or how careful I am, I never feel like it's perfect. I avoid the finishing because of it.

Oh well, it will be done soon! Hope it fits.


  1. Oooh, that laceweight is LOVELY.

  2. The yarn is gorgeous and the fingerless gloves are very cool looking. You must have that skull pattern memorized to th point that you can knit it in your sleep now.

  3. That's some awesome looking laceweight! Can't wait to see your CPH.

  4. Number 5 is one lucky kid the gloves rock. That laceweight came out goregous you did a great job.


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