Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey! Guess Who's Still Alive!

It's me!!

A lot of stuff has been going on around here. I finished the Shur'Tagals for my mom. I bet she'll be excited to read this too.

I started a pair of them for myself. I'll show you those once I have one done. I also did some dyeing over the weekend. I received some Huacaya Alpaca from a wonderful listener. Last week I carded it on the drumcarder. On Sunday, I soaked the batts in vinegar water, and dyed them up. After they were almost 100% dry, I stripped the batts (turned them into roving).

Say Hello to the Miss Piggy colorway.

Also, I finished up that first light brown alpaca. I have now spun a WHOLE alpaca blanket (oh yes, I AM, in fact, the proverbial SHIT). I finished by spinning the last few ounces into 630 yards of laceweight and dyed them as well
Really, it's teal, but I had a hard time getting it quite as green as it should be.

Also, The Chief broke a rib on Saturday night. We were leaving our favorite Indian restaurant and he coughed hard (he's been working on some bronchitis) and felt something pop. Long story short, we were at the Emergency Room about half an hour later and he actually FRACTURED a rib coughing. I just didn't even know how that could happen to a guys.

Now a broken rib is painful, but when you have bronchitis and can't stop coughing, it is terrible. Poor guy!


  1. It probably wouldn't have broken if you didn't keep punching him in that spot to get him to stop coughing in his sleep and keeping you awake at night...


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