Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Assembly Required

but considering that I started with stinky ram fleece (which fyi truly is stinkier than a ewe) I think the assembly is coming along fairly well.

John's future sweater.

We had lots of company last weekend. I cooked and cleaned constantly. John's oldest brought our granddaughter over on Sunday.

She really REALLY wanted to kiss our surly Poley. She really gave it her all.

It was a lot of excitement so a nap on Grandpa was in order as well.


Now that doesn't suck.

I started (then frogged) a Viking sock. Any viking that would wear this sock would have to be quite a flamboyant kinda Viking, but whatever. I do enjoy flamboyance. I'm pretty sure it comes from all those years of watching musicals with my sisters (who can actually sing).

I'm actually almost done with the first sock of this poor frogged thing.

We're finally having nice weather. It's in the 70s and sunny, but the bummer is that the pollen count is knocking me flat on my fat 'tocks. I know . . never happy. That's me!

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  1. I would be the kind of Viking who'd wear lavender socks.
    SWEET baby!


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