Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh stuff

I forgot to post a picture of the latest pair of fingerless gloves I made for number 5. He lost one of the first pair. Hey it happens when you're ten. I knit them from leftover yarn from my first handknit sweater. I had two skeins left, dyed one charcoal and got to knittin! It's almost like free gloves. . . almost :S

Also, a listener from the podcast sent me and my co-host some alpaca to spin. It was Huacaya which I've never had the chance to spin before and it was soooooooo wonderful. I carded it up, stripped it into batts and dyed it (scroll down and you'll see it). Well, the spinning is done too. I wanted laceweight and I think it's my best laceweight yet.

This morning I finally sewed in my second sleeve on my CPH. You know that means I have underarm seams and ribbing to do and I'm DONE!!

I think the reason I hate the finishing part is because I really want it to be absolutely perfect and no matter how slow I go, or how careful I am, I never feel like it's perfect. I avoid the finishing because of it.

Oh well, it will be done soon! Hope it fits.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wow, Two Days in a Row??!!

Over the weekend, a friend brought over her dog for a playdate. Poley has always been extremely aggressive towards other dogs. Since I got him from someone who did not socialize him at all, we have worked with him in any way we could. That includes a lot of "The Dog Whisperer".

Anyway, he was EXCELLENT. He played well and was not overly aggressive at all (whew). It was very funny actually. Basil (Dachshund) was quite submissive, and Poley basically accepted his bows and strutted around like King Shit.


Hey there's a reason we named him Napoleon.

It was a very tiring visit. Even Princey got all worn out.


Gosh he is cute when he's not doing anything naughty isn't he?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey! Guess Who's Still Alive!

It's me!!

A lot of stuff has been going on around here. I finished the Shur'Tagals for my mom. I bet she'll be excited to read this too.

I started a pair of them for myself. I'll show you those once I have one done. I also did some dyeing over the weekend. I received some Huacaya Alpaca from a wonderful listener. Last week I carded it on the drumcarder. On Sunday, I soaked the batts in vinegar water, and dyed them up. After they were almost 100% dry, I stripped the batts (turned them into roving).

Say Hello to the Miss Piggy colorway.

Also, I finished up that first light brown alpaca. I have now spun a WHOLE alpaca blanket (oh yes, I AM, in fact, the proverbial SHIT). I finished by spinning the last few ounces into 630 yards of laceweight and dyed them as well
Really, it's teal, but I had a hard time getting it quite as green as it should be.

Also, The Chief broke a rib on Saturday night. We were leaving our favorite Indian restaurant and he coughed hard (he's been working on some bronchitis) and felt something pop. Long story short, we were at the Emergency Room about half an hour later and he actually FRACTURED a rib coughing. I just didn't even know how that could happen to a guys.

Now a broken rib is painful, but when you have bronchitis and can't stop coughing, it is terrible. Poor guy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What to do when your camera memory is full

Post more Flight of the Conchords of course! I'll clean the memory off today. It's full of the school play my son was in.

Then I'll have photographs of the first Shur'Tagal sock that's finished.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Have you noticed . .

That a lot of my posts contain big strings of seemingly unrelated stuff? Well welcome to my brain, mutha.

I'm working on the hood for my Central Park Hoodie. Yay! I was so worried about getting the stitches picked up and looking perfect, but they really look great. Oh yeah, so that means I had to block the front, back and sleeves, and sew the shoulder seams. Here are the pieces after blocking. The color in the photo is shit, 1,000 apologies, truly.

Ok so also, on Saturday we drove to Lansing (oh just a bit over an hour) and had lunch with Aaron (no. 2) and his boyfriend, Tyler. It was fun. I got to laugh a lot, but let's face it, I laugh a lot all by myself. Stupid people do that.

Saturday night we went to a showcase for number 4's dance competition pieces. Her lyrical piece was very good, and there were two little girls at her school that went to no. 5's first daycare when he was just a wee shaver. So I see these big, pretty girls, (ages 10, 11, 12) dancing and looking so grown up and it hit me. My time with no. 5 (my only biological kidlet) is more than half over. So, right there in the dance thingy, I just cried. I don't want my time to be over.

Why the shit did I put on eyeliner anyway? I ended up looking like I got punched in the damn eye.

I started my mom's last (oh yeah, bitches, the last) pair of payment socks. Recall she painted two kids bedrooms in exchange for 8 pairs of socks. She's getting Shur'Tagal's knit from some Blue Hawaiian. I'll get a pic before too long. You know I suck at the photos. It doesn't seem to matter how hard I work at it. I'm crap. Get used to it!

Ok so last of all, The Chief and I really enjoy The Flight of The Conchords. Have you seen this show? I'd like to show one of our favorite songs from this season with you, but hey do me a favor and don't watch this at work without headphones and not in front of your kids unless you are more pogressive than me (which isn't hard since I'm practically amish, right?)